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R/J Performance
Street Bike Series

Presented by Trick Tools

All run bracket class for street legal bikes, 7.50 seconds and quicker.
(Slower bikes can run with car classes)

No wheelie bars, slider clutches, or delay boxes.
Street legal tires required.

Pairings and bye runs will be the same as other bracket classes.

Entries can also run appropriate car classes running on the scheduled dates.

Entry Fee:
$50 bike/rider, 1st round bye backs $25

8 or less entries: 100% of entry fees.
9-12 entries: Winner, $350.00, R.U. $150.00
13-16 entries: Winner, $400.00, R.U. $200.00
17-up entries: Winner, $500.00, R.U. $250.00
Round Money: $25 per round win starting with 2nd round win up to final round.

Dates to run: May 25, 26, June 29, 30, Aug.3, 4,  31, Sept. 1.

Same points system as regular bracket classes, must sign up at the gate, points earn only after you sign up, ($15 registration fee)

Points payouts: (Bracket class)
1st Champions jacket, trophy and $500. 2nd trophy and $400, 3rd $300, 4th $200, 5th $100

Title Sponsor: R/J Performance Ottumwa Iowa
Associate sponsors: Trick Tools

No Bar class: (Run on Saturdays only !) (Heads up class, No wheelie bar, No delay box, .400 Pro tree, Pro ladder)
Entry Fee:  TBA
Payouts: TBA

Box/No Box Motorcycle Series (Run at various midwest dragstrips)

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