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Quick Performance Iowa No Prep Series
Presented by JS Street Grip


2019 Race Dates:

Eddyville Raceway Park - July 13 & September 28

Onawa Racing asnd Events Center - July 26 & September 21


Advance Transmission Big Tire: Any tire, wheelie bars allowed, must be self-starting.

Small Tire: No wheelie bars, Max 29.5 10.5 non W, or up to 315 Drag Radial.

Drag Radial: Must have stock style front suspension, any size DOT stamped drag radial tire, no bias ply tires, no wheelie bars, no tube chassis, back half cars allowed.

Front Wheel Drive: Any tire allowed.

Stick Shift: Must have clutch pedal, Standard H pattern transmissions, No clutchless transmissions (G-Force, Lenco, Liberty)

Street Tire: True street tire. (220 tread rating) No AWD or 4WD, No Mickey Thompson or Hoosier tires.

Truck/Suv: 2 or 4wd allowed, any tire.

Bikes: No wheelie bars, any tire allowed.


Door cars only in car classes.

All entries must go through tech and must meet IHRA safety rules for the drivers and vehicles for the ET they run. Tech persons will put proper car number on all entries. Drivers must stay with car they teched in with.

Oil containment system (diaper or pan) required on all entries in Big Tire, Small Tire, and Drag Radial classes. Highly recommended on all other entries!

Any power adder allowed in all classes.

Race Day Procedures:

We will run events in a timely manner so please go to the lanes when called!

Clocks off and time cards cut. .400 Pro tree with auto start activated, deep staging allowed.

Chip draw - 1st round after drivers meeting, 2nd round on you will be called to the lanes with your cars and then draw chips. Once paired up pull into designated lanes in the order drawn. Lane choice decided between drivers.

Lane prep - Bring your own prep (can only be put down in designated area) Water available on request.

Burn out - As far as you desire!

Grudge racing and testing available after 1st round when time permits and you have been eliminated from competition.

Cross center line or hit the wall you lose. 1st or worse rule in affect.

Entry Fees: (One entry fee per class paid at gate)

Big Tire, Small Tire, & Drag Radial - $150

Bike - $100

Trucks, Hard Tire, FWD, & Stick classes - $50

Payouts: (Guaranteed with minimum # of entries listed with each class) (runner up money will increase with more than minimum # of entries) (100 % of all entry fees will be paid back) (any additional sponsor money will also increase payouts)

Big Tire - Winner $4000, R.U. $500
(15 car minimum)

Small Tire & Drag Radial - Winner $3000, R.U. $500
(20 car minimum)

Bike - Winner $2000, R.U. $500
(20 bike minimum)

Trucks, Hard Tire, FWD, & Stick - Winner $500 R.U. $200
(10 car minimum) (payouts will increase with more entries)

Spectator and Crew Passes: Adults (13 and up) $15

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