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Track Rules and Procedures


General Rules:

GR-1. IHRA rules are the basic and minimum standard for safety and competition. ERP track and class rules compliment and sometimes supersede IHRA rules. Please direct any questions to a track official. Our goal is to always promote fair competition and the enjoyment of our sport.

GR-2. No fighting, theft, or crude language. Anything deemed detrimental to ERP will result in disciplinary action and/or suspension of competition privileges.

GR-3. No selling or soliciting on the grounds without the permission of track management.

GR-4. Please dispose of litter in designated barrels and put waste oil in totes provided. If you need trash bags ask a track official, help us keep our place clean.

GR-5. On long weekends please be considerate of those trying to sleep by keeping noise to a minimum ½ hour after completion of racing.

GR-6. Pit parking, ERP has a number of reserved parking spaces on asphalt as well as grass areas. These are marked with numbers or names. On selected events these will be available to anyone but on points races they are for those who rent them by the year. Ask track officials with questions.

Competition Rules:

CR-1. Please come to the lanes promptly when called on the PA system (also on FM 88.7) those running more than one class must be able to return to the lanes quickly! If you come to the staging lanes late and we are down to less than 3 pair of cars left in your class in the staging lanes you are too late to run that round and will be disqualified.

CR-2. When called to the lanes during elimination rounds please stop at the cross walk line for pairings. Pairings are done by chip draw (except for laddered classes) by the staging director, who draws chips for pairings and lane choice. Once paired please move forward in the lanes as directed by the staging lane person. Once you have been paired up if one of the competitors cannot start the other competitor will receive a competition bye run. In all cases good sportsmanship by giving the non-starting competitor a chance to make the round will be accommodated by track officials. We want to determine winners on the track rather than disqualification whenever possible.

CR-3. Line at the front of staging lanes is where all competitors must have their dial in on their vehicles so your competitor also knows your dial in. If you have an electronic dial in board and forget to turn it on we will make every effort to rectify the situation but you could be disqualified.
CR-4. The break line is also at the top of the staging lanes. If a competitor has problems after crossing the line they will be given 30 seconds to rectify the problem but will hold that pair if the competitor wants to wait and we are not done with the class. Total wait time is at the discretion on the starter, his decision will be final.

CR-5. Please pay attention to the burnout director to start your burnout.

CR-6. Auto start is used in most classes so starter activates the tree once both competitors are pre-staged. If someone shallow stages or their car moves forward or backward after staging they could get a red light start and is not subject to a rerun. The starter will make the final decision.

CR-7. Check the dial in boards before staging if your dial in is wrong do not stage your vehicle, if you do you have accepted the dial in even if it is wrong the result is final and no reruns will be done. In a class that uses cross talk you need to check both dial ins.

CR-8. A vehicle must leave the starting line forward under its own power to be eligible for a win.

CR-9. Delay boxes must be removed from any race vehicle if it is in a no box class!

CR-10. Only one driver per vehicle in any class and each driver can only run one vehicle per class unless a special event that makes an exception for this. You cannot switch vehicle or driver after eliminations has started

CR-11. One driver can enter a vehicle in more than one class as long as it meets the rules of the class and can return to the lanes in a timely manner. (Excessive wait time could result in a disqualification at the discretion of the race director)

CR-12. Bye backs-Drivers that lose in the 1st round of select bracket classes can buy back into 2nd round. All buy back entries race each other in the 2nd round with the winner advancing to the 3rd round. Buy backs do not get any points. If there is an odd number of buy backs the last one will race a 1st round winner.

Race Procedures:

RP-1. Tow vehicles permitted for Jr Dragsters, bikes, Top ET, T/S, T/D and other special classes. Tow vehicles will not go down the track after their race cars except for jet cars.

RP-2. Burnouts, absolutely not allowed in pits or staging lanes. Powered burnouts across the starting line permitted for specialty classes, open wheel cars, any car faster than 6.00.

RP-3. Staging, all vehicles must stage moving forward, absolutely no backing into staging ! Please stage your vehicle in a reasonable amount of time, failure to stage in a reasonable amount of time could result in disqualification at the discretion of the starter.

RP-4. Please stay with or near your vehicle in the staging lanes and move your vehicle forward in the lanes as soon as you can so we have room in the lanes for all competitors.

RP-5. If you have problems with your vehicle on the track please pull off to the side of the track as soon as you can safely do so.

RP-6. In money rounds if you break and cannot make the next round please let one of the track officials know if possible so we are not waiting for you. You will be paid the next round loser pay.

RP-7. In the event of a re-run the competitors involved will not be allowed to change their dial ins or lane choice.

RP-8. Bye runs in all classes that are randomly paired are earned by the best reaction time in the 2nd time trial for the 1st round. On days that we only do one time trial that round will determine 1st round bye. Best winning reaction time will determine bye run in all remaining rounds. Bye runs do not carry over. Bye run competitors only have to stage and take the tree to win the round.

RP-9. Payouts are usually done at the office unless announced differently. Please pick up ASAP after eliminations have finished. Payouts not picked up can be picked up at a later date, at the end of season any payouts of $20 or less will be kept, others we will mail out if we have a mailing address.

RP-10. Any disputes about results of a race etc. needs to be dealt with the race director, the race director usually can be found in the tower. The race director is the person to talk to with any issues of the legality of another competitor.

RP-11. Most events time trials are done by seasons with one time trial per competitor in each session. Extra runs are only permitted with permission of the race director. No time trials will be permitted after eliminations have started unless the competitor has been eliminated and extra time trials sessions have been called for between elimination rounds.


NOTICE: It is the responsibility of the participant not IHRA or employees of Eddyville Raceway Park to ensure that all safety equipment is approved and is correctly installed, worn, and used!!!!

S-1 Reckless, careless, or intoxicated driving is not allowed and violators may have their racing privileges suspended. No driver may consume if they are still in competition.

S-2 All vehicles must pass tech inspection before making any runs. A vehicle may be re-examined by tech or track officials at any time for any reason. Random inspections can be done at any time.
S-3. Helmets required on all vehicles running faster than 8.50 seconds and no passengers allowed in vehicles faster than 8.50 seconds.

S-4 Motorcycle racers and competitors with open wheel cars should have their visor on their helmet lowered when leaving the starting line.

S-5. Please limit your speed in the pits especially on bigger events to 10MPH.

S-6. Pit vehicles such as mini bikes, golf carts, atv`s etc. can be operated by licensed drivers only. Please have your vehicles competition # on it and any reckless use of these could result in suspension of racing privileges. Please be careful with pit vehicle usage as this is a huge issue with insurance companies!!!!!

S-7. Jack stands must be used when working under a vehicle! A competent licensed driver must be in and at the controls of any running vehicle.

S-8. Willful disregard of safety issues by any driver is grounds for reprimand, suspension, and or fines. Incidents that compromise the safety of other competitors, fans, or employees cannot be tolerated.

Misc. Rules and procedures:

Breakage policy:

  • If you break before making any passes you will get a full credit for your entry fee.
  • If you break during time trials you will get credit for entry fee less test and tune fee.
  • If you break during eliminations no credit is given.
  • If you break your vehicle during time trials you can substitute another vehicle.
  • Once past 1st round you cannot use a substitute vehicle.
  • Please notify the race director of any vehicle change.

Rain out policy:

  • No rain checks will be issued after 1st round of eliminations is completed.
  • If event is rained out before eliminations start, appearance points will be awarded to those at the event, no points if event is canceled before time trials start. If a rain out occurs during round one, only completed classes will be given round points.
  • If a rain out occurs after 1st round is completed all money will be split with racers still in competition.
  • Points races will not be made up unless it is the final points race, or unless special circumstances warrant as determined by the race director.  Special events may or may not be rescheduled.

Points Policies:

  • To receive points in any points class you must sign up at the gate by the cutoff date
    set by the track.
  • $30 to sign up for regular classes (Top, Modified, Super, Street, and Jr Dragster)
  • Cost for limited points series (T/S-T/D, Stick Shift, Street Bike, H.S., MPO) $30.
  • You must sign up for points to be eligible for any points funds and to attend the ET Bracket Finals.

Points are awarded as follows:

  • 10 points for attendance and 10 points for each round win.
  • The class winner gets 2 bonus points and runner up 1 bonus point.
    (Midwest Pro Outlaw has a different points program)
  • Team racing is allowed with one additional person only.
  • You can enter more than one points class but only once per class.
  • Points cannot be transferred between classes.
  • In Top, Modified, Super, Street, and Jr Dragster classes the lowest 4 points races
    will be dropped from points total at the end of points season.


All vehicles entered must go through a tech inspection. The tech area is between the 2 buildings in the pit area. IHRA rules are used and apply by the class entered.


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