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2017 Preliminary Schedule

Engine Diaper Rule at ERP

Starting in 2017 ERP an oil containment system will be required for race cars. This is something a lot of race tracks have already put in place or will do so in the near future. This will not only help save costly and time consuming oil downs but more importantly could very easily save your race car and your health or even life in case of catastophic engine failure. This is the most common sense rule for drag racing in a long time. Here is the rule we will start using for the 2017 race season:

All cars running 6.99 seconds and quicker will be required to have an approved engine diaper or engine oil containment pan. The following are exceptions to the rule: True street cars with street tires and bikes will be exempt at this time.

Diapers are available from several sources. Dennis Ridgeway Enterprises (DRE) is one source that is offering a 10% discount to ERP racers. They have standard diapers that fit some applications from $169.00 to full custom ones for up to $550.00. They are supporting the track with a sign and will have some giveaways and coupons for their products. They can be reached by phone @ 217-763-6352 or email

ERP Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available for Christmas. They can be for any amount and can be used for any purpose at ERP in 2017. Please email any requests to

New Top and Mod Points Series Sponsor for 2017

ERP is pleased to announce Karl Performance as the points series sponsor for our Top and Mod classes for 2017. The payouts for these 2 classes to be paid out at the 2017 awards banquet are listed below. Thanks to Karl Performance for this commitment to support the racers at ERP and racers please support  Karl Performance whenever you need anything for your race car.




What`s new for 2017 @ ERP?

      Over the next few months we will making announcements about new and exciting things, events, schedule, etc. for the upcoming 2017 race season.

       To start things off I am very excited to announce that my son Kyle will be a full time employee of the track starting in January. He has been working at the track since we purchased it in 2006 and really understands what it takes to operate the track and the long hours it takes especially on big weekends like the NOF and WFAN which are usually 15-20 hour days. He has such a positive attitude and will be a major asset with him becoming more involved in the day to day operations of the track. This will enable us to do many things better and give some relief of some duties of our part time help and give me some relief to enjoy some things away from the track that I have not been able to do as much as I would like to such as playing golf !

        We have been working on a plan for a long time to transition him into a full time employee and eventually take over the track from myself. I plan on remaining on with the track for a long time just reducing my work load over the next 5-10 years. As you can see we plan on being here for the long haul which is why we continue to do improvements to the facility to ensure we have a facility that can properly serve our customers and sponsors into the future. We will be making some other announcements soon about things such as a new sponsor for our Top and Mod bracket classes. Remember our 2016 awards banquet is on March 4, details coming soon.

       Gerald Kramer

2016 Awards Banquet Date Set

2016 Eddyville Raceway's awards banquet will be on Saturday March 4, 2017. Details will be announced later, location will be the same as the last few years at the Great Caterers of Iowa, Assembly Hall, 1250 NE 56th St., Pleasant Hill, Iowa.

Season Comes to an End

Eddyville Raceway race season for 2016 is done. We will post any updates about the 2017 race season as they are announced. You can also follow us on Facebook. Please call Gerald @ 641-780-3534 with any questions or comments or email him at

ERP Track Rentals

Eddyville Raceway Park has days available to rent the facility for many types of usage including the use of the drag strip or for other functions that could make use of the rest of the facility but not the race track. Now is the time to set these up before all of our events are planned. Events using the track in most cases will be on a Friday night, Saturday or Sunday.

If you or a company wants to put on any type of outdoor event that might work at the track or if you would like to be a promoter of some type of race event please contact Gerald to discuss the possibilities. Price to do this will vary widely depending on the type of event you are considering.

Here is a list of some ideas on types of events that could utilize the track and facilities. They include but are certainly not limited to:

  • Swap Meet
  • Flee market
  • Concert
  • Car Show
  • Autocross
  • R/C Car & Plane Events
  • Special race events for company employees / customers
  • Special interest drag race event

We also can put together special packages for family reunions, car clubs, or company outings to the race track during any of our scheduled events both regular race days or on our bigger events. If interested in any of these please email Gerald at or call him at 641-780-3534.

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