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Weekly Schedule & Event Information

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Class Abbreviations

T/S T/D Top Sportsman/Top Dragster Series
MPO Midwest Pro Outlaw (.400 index)
Stk Eddyville Stick Shift class
SS Super Street Ass., 6.90 index class
MM Midnight Madness 
TCR Teen Championship Racing
SCC Street Car Challenge
TC Trophy Car
Big $ Big Dollar Race for specific class or classes
Pit Pit Vehicle Races
Top Top ET
Mod Modified ET
OMSS Ozark Mountain Super Shifters
WFAN World Fuel Altered Nationals
SCO Sweet Corn Outlaws
SB Street Bike Series (bracket, heads up, & 6.00 index)
Points Top, Modified, Super, Street, Jr Dragster classes
TNT Test & Tune
Fun Drags Non Points bracket race (Saturdays)
Fun Night Test and tune for anyone

2018 Schedule

All Dates, Events, Times and Prices are subject to change. Please check for updates on this website or call the track to verify the information.

21 Test and Tune, Chassis Certification
28 Test and Tune
4 Fun Night
5 Points
11 Fun Night
12 Points, TCR, Make a Wish Charity Race
18 Fun Night, MM
19 Fun Drags, SCO,  Bike Box / No Box, (Double Header) (early start)
25 Fun Night, 32 Car Shootout
26 Points, MPO, T/S T/D, Stk, SS, (Big $ Top & Mod), SB Series, TCR, TC, SCC, Pit, (Early)
27 Points, T/S T/D, SS, (Big $ Top & Mod) SB Series
1 Fun Night
2 Points, SCO, TCR
8 Fun Night
9 Midwest Nostalgia and No Box Nats., MPO, Nost. S/S, Gassers, Nost. Quick Series
10 Rain date for Midwest Nostalgia Nats.
15 Fun Night, MM
16 Street Car Shootout
22 Fun Night, 32 Car Shootout, 16 car Jr Dragster shootout 
23 IHRA Iron Man Points, SB, TCR, TC, SCC,  Pit. (2 Hour Early start) 
24 Points, SB
29 Fun Night, Friday NOF Pro Show, Open Early
30 Night of Fire - Nitro Cars, Jets, OMSS, T/S T/D, (Big $ in Top & Mod)(Early Start)
1 Rain Date for NOF, Stk., T/S T/D, (Big $ in Top & Mod)
6 Closed
7 No Prep Race
13 Fun Night, MM
14 Points, MPO, SB, SCO, TCR
15 Points, SB
20 Closed
21 Closed
27 Fun Night
28 Points, SCC, TCR, Mopar Special
3 Fun Night, 32 car shootout, 16 car Jr Dragster shootout
4 Points, Big $ Top & Mod, SS TCR, TC  Pit. (2 hour early start) 
5 Points, Top & Mod Big $, SS
10 Closed
11 Fun Drags, SCO, MM
17 WFAN Qualifing, Fun Night
18 WFAN Car Show, T/S T/D, OMSS, SS, Points
19 WFAN rain date, T/S T/D, SS, Stick,  Points 
24 Friday Fun Night
25 Street Car Shootout
31 Fun Night, 32 car shootout 
1 Points, (Big $ in Top & Mod), T/S T/D, Stick, SCC, TC, TCR, Pit, (Early start) 
2 Final Point (Big $ in Top & Mod), T/S T/D, Track Champion Run Off, SB
7 Closed
8 Fun Drags, SCO
14 Closed for ET Finals 
15 Closed for ET Finals 
21 Closed
22 No Prep Race
28 Closed
29 Fun Drags, SCO, MM
30 R/J Fun Day, Car/Bike show, Open test & tune, SB
6 Fall Bracket special, SCO, Bike Box/No Box
7 Fall Bracket special, SCO, Bike Box/No Box
12 IHRA Jr Dragster Halloween Nats
13 IHRA Jr Dragster Halloween Nats
14 IHRA Jr Dragster Halloween Nats

Spectator Prices
Adults (13 & Up) - Kids (12 & Under)

Friday Fun Nights (excluding special events)

Adults $10
Kids Free
Saturday and Sunday - Non Points
Adults $10
Kids Free
Saturday and Sunday - Points Races
Adults $15
Kids Free
No Prep Races & Street Car Shootout
Adults $15
Kids Free
Night of Fire - Friday
Adults $15
Kids $5
Night of Fire - Saturday
Adults $30
Kids $10
World Fuel Altered Nationals - Friday
Adults $15
Kids $5
World Fuel Altered Nationals - Saturday
Adults $30
Kids $10


Start Times
Always check the Schedule or news stories on this website for additional details or changes on times.
Friday Fun Nights
Open 5:30 pm
Test & Tune 6:30 pm
Earlier times on select events.
Open 1:00 pm
Time Trials 3:00 pm
Earlier times on select events.
Open 8:00 am
Time Trials 9:00 am
Varies by Event



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