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The drag-racing community felt unsettling void Nov. 11, 2012 when Bob Frey, 46-year veteran of the National Hot Rod Association public-address system, turned off his microphone at Pomona, Calif., with the final quip of his career: “It’s good to be Bob Frey.”  Although everyone respected him, everyone sort of regarded him as a fixture, like the scoreboards or the tower itself. Bob Frey is always there . . . and now he won’t be. 

However, in an unpredicted move, Bob Frey has agreed to announce at the Musco Lighting Night of Fire at Eddyville Raceway Park on Saturday, July 6. “We couldn’t be more happy, mentioned ERP Co-owner Scott Gardner, Bob is a fantastic guy and extremely knowledgeable and will be big asset for this event and especially with his knowledge of Big Daddy”

Frey’s career began as an announcer at Atco Dragway and included a stint at the IHRA before becoming one of the most recognized voices at the NHRA. He also penned columns for both National DRAGSTER and
“I've been doing this since before Funny Cars or Pro Stocks were even classes," Frey said. "I've been blessed to meet most of the stars of the sport and to be able to call them friends. It's been a great ride but it's time to move on."

But maybe the true beauty of Bob Frey was the fact he was no more mechanical than 90 percent of the people sitting in the grandstands or watching a drag-racing event on TV. “I’ve always tried to entertain and inform. I’m not a gear head. I never changed my oil or changed a spark plug,” Frey told ESPN’s Terry Blount. “But I hope my legacy is fans came to an event and were entertained and had fun because I was there.”

The Musco Lightning Night of Fire will not only feature the NHRA Hall of Fame Announcer Bob Frey but will also include Big Daddy Don Garlits, Nitro Funny Cars, Jet and Wheelstander, Super Shifters, a Nitro Altered versus Top Fuel match race, Fireworks and more. Please be sure to mark you calendars to attend this historical event at ERP.

Another special announcement for the Musco Lighting Night of Fire will be posted soon!

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