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A Note to Racers and Fans...

We realize that the announcements that came out last Thursday caught everyone by surprise. Some people have been very upset by the change to IHRA and we fully understand some of the concerns. Many of these concerns will be addressed this week as we get answers to these questions. Details will be posted on our website and Facebook site about memberships, licenses, certifications, ET Finals, special events available to us, etc. I have spent a lot of time on the IHRA website researching programs available and the rule book and I like what I see and I think our racers will as well. I really like what I see for the Jrs as they can go to the ET Finals and our Jr track champion can compete for a national championship!

As far as weekly programs we see very few changes only name changes for our bracket classes. Scott remains on as a partner and will still have some time to spend on ERP business. From what I see many rules are more relaxed than with NHRA (Chassis certs start at 6.00 sec. and faster as an example) IHRA has a reputation of being a very racer friendly organization and that will only get better with Scott in charge. Feel free to contact me with any question, email is best but will take phone calls if I can answer them as I will be working a part time job this week.

Thanks Gerald Kramer ( (641-780-3534)

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