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Cedar Falls Scores Championship and Cordova Finishes Second

One things is for sure when it comes to quality bracket racers and that is Cedar Falls Raceway, Cordova Dragway Park and Eddyville Raceway have a bunch. The 2012 NHRA Bracket Finals held in Topeka, KS was the proving grounds for that statement as Cedar Falls Raceway took the Championship edging out Cordova Dragway Park who finished second. Eddyville Raceway Park who finished second in 2011 ended in the respectable position of fifth of the eighteen track teams that participated. "I'm very proud of all the teams" said co-owner Scott Gardner, "I believe it's a statement on how well our bracket programs at run at the tracks and how serious our racers are" he mentioned.

In addition, an astounding four racers from our tracks took individual championships in their respected classes. "I couldn't imagine that our racers would win 4 or the 5 classes" continued Gardner. Eddyville Raceway Park also had two racers who scored in the "Best Awards".

Final Track Standings - 2012 NHRA Summit Racing Series ET Finals (Top 5)
Cedar Falls Raceway      66
Cordova Dragway Park   55
Brainerd International      52
Heartland Park Topeka    51
Eddyville Raceway Park  35 (4 way tie)

Final Round Results of the 2012 NHRA Summit Racing Series ET Finals
Super Pro Champion - Travis Smiley - Represents Cedar Falls Raceway*
Pro ET Champion - Steve Marquis - Represents Cordova Dragway Park*
Pro-Bike Champion - Tom Klemme - Represents Eddyville Raceway Park*
High School Champion - Brain Hurley - Representing Cedar Falls Raceway
*Will participate for World Championship at NHRA World Finals in Pomona, CA in November.

Race of Champions of the 2012 NHRA Summit Racing Series ET Finals
Super Pro - Anthony Layne - Representing Cordova Dragway Park
Pro-Bike - Steven Klemme - Representing Cedar Falls Raceway
High School - Drew Beale - Representing Cordova Dragway Park

Special Awards of the 2012 NHRA Summit Racing Series ET Finals
Best Engineered - Terry Kruse - Representing Eddyville Raceway Park
Best Appearing Super Pro - Chad Bacon - Representing Eddyville Raceway Park

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