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Important Information !!!! Please Read!!!!!

Cross Talk. We now have cross talk and due to being difficult to change with our Accutime system will will use it all the time in S/P, T/S, T/D, and Box Bike !!! No opting out!!!!  If you are not familiar with it please ask questions!!!!!!  With this change the top bulbs are reaimed which should also help eliminate sun glare on the top bulbs.

Super Gas (6.30 index class) has been added to Doorslammer shootout May 26,27. Entry fee will be $75, Payouts based on the # of entries. Payouts could be increased if we can get some sponsor help. Let Gerald know of any potential sponsors for this class.

Points sign up. To earn points in our regular bracket classes from the 1st race you must sign up by May 26-27. To earn points in T/S T/D, Casey`s Stick Shifters, & Pro Bike Class you must sign up at the 1st race you attend and will earn points from that race on.

Pit vehicle Registration. Like last year all pit vehicles must be registered. Please see gate personal for this.


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