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Junior Dragster Programs for 2012

Eddyville Raceway Park welcomes back Trick Tools as the sponsor of the Jr Dragster class for 2012. Check them out for special fabrication tools and more!

Payouts at points  races (14) this year will be paid to the parents in cash. This was made necessary by the changes the government made to their savings bond program. (NHRA is doing the same thing at the Jr Nationals this year.)
Points race winners will get $50 & trophy, runner ups $25 & trophy.

Consi Race. We will continue to have a free consi race for all 1st round non winners. We will also have a run off at all points races between the Jr winner and the consi winner for $20 cash this year sponsored by Laffoon and Co. This replaces the Sugar Grove Custom Car Challenge that was in place for the last 6 years. We thank them for their support of the Jr program for the past 6 years it has been very appreciated! 

Jr Dragster Reaction Time contest. We will also do a reaction time contest on points race dates (time permitting) that will be free to all Jr racers with the winner getting $20 cash also sponsored by Laffoon and Co.

Non Points Race Dates. We will offer a Jr class on most non points race dates that will have $5 buy backs for 1st round non winners instead of a consi race. We will have trophies to the winner and runner up and cash payouts of $50 winner, $25 runner up with a minimum of 8 entries. Please check website for details about weekly events.


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